I’ve not published a single serie here since march 2020. Did the nightlife in Paris stopped during a lockdown ? I can definitely say to you now: nop. I’ve chosen to barely shows my adventures for multiple reasons. Mainly, i didn’t want my photos to be the illustration of the constant public judgment on everything nowadays, toward peoples, behaviors or places.

You like it or not, the city of lights didn’t die of boredom with another virus, and actually i’ve never seen a more vivid, young and exciting world, full of energies and smart ideas to play with the laws and organizing events. Whatever the motivations behind the actions, peoples were taking many risks to keep the fire burning, sometimes without any rewards or gains.

This new The Night Day edition is my testimony of 2020, between hotel rooms and hidden undergrounds. It’s the biggest magazine i’ve done so far, introduced by the unique Manon Savary and featuring many faces, famous or not.

Orders are up on the store (Sold out).