The Night Day, Magazine, 2019

A collection of the best from The Night Day in 2019, featuring Daniel Avery, Haai, Mall Grab, Helena Hauff, IDA, Miss Fame, Laurent Garnier and more. Soft cover, 56 Pages, 35 photos, black & white, 24×17.5cm

100 limited copies

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A book about the other side

The Night Day is an instant snapshot of that life without the sun, 10 years of reporting on people who make and remake the night in Paris and everywhere Keffer goes. The stars, the unknown, the opportunists, the organizers, the enthusiasts, the dancers, the creators. Some left, others are not even arrived yet, here is the incredible diversity of this world, this universe, that few knows.

Hardcover, 200 Pages, 25x18x3cm, 139 photos, introduction by Frederic Taddeï.

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The Night Day Vinyl

The Night Day Vol.1

A first compilation album featuring Ostend (Guillaume from The Shoes), Dj Deep, Chassol, Jackson (And His Computer Band), Ichon & Myth Syzer and Acid Washed.

Limited vinyl edition (Sold Out), includes the digital edition.

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The Night Day, Magazine, 2018 (Sold Out)

A magazine about the other side of 2018. Featuring Bella Hadid, Migos, Charlotte De Witte, Caroline Vreeland, Tyler The Creator, Spike Lee, ASAP Rocky and unknows. 100 limited copies, signed, soft cover, 56 Pages, 35 photos, black & white, 24×17.5cm, french & english introduction by Julie Ganter.